Dr. Matthias Meier as Lecturer / Speaker

Health topics are becoming more and more relevant but also more and more difficult to understand. Getting advice or treatment from a doctor is one option, but often doesn't help with the question: "What can I do for myself to get better?".

Understanding how health actually works is critical to being able to take the wheel yourself and no longer (or much less) rely on the expertise of others. To make this possible, you can book seminars with Dr. Matthias Meier or engage him as a speaker, both for companies and for "health-interested" groups in the private sector.
The contents can be individually adapted and changed according to your wishes, so that a variety of topics, especially from a holistic point of view, can be discussed and the interests of the group can be worked on specifically and also gladly interactively.

Just ask us, we are looking forward to it!

Lectures by Dr. Matthias Meier can be booked as an impulse lecture
(approx. 1 hour duration) or as a lecture speaker (2-3 hours).

The following topics are possible:

  • Holistic medicine explained for everyone
  • The autonomic nervous system and its importance for all chronic diseases
  • Holistic medicine for everyday life at work
  • Health and modern everyday life: dangers and solutions
  • Chaos theory and health: what can be predicted?
  • Structure and function: from the big to the small and back again
  • Environmental influences and health
  • Sleep and health
  • Nutrition and health
  • Sports and health

Individual topics can also be considered.

Happy to help!

Just contact me by messenger, email, or phone. I am looking forward to meeting you!