Activate your own stem cells and use them for healing

Activating your own stem cells and using them for healing: Anti-aging medicine, or even rejuvenation medicine, has increasingly come into the public eye in recent years. There are some exciting approaches, some of which use holistic concepts, to reduce biological age.

With holistic treatment of the spine, we aim to improve the function of the central nervous system so that it can better regulate and regenerate the rest of the body. In order to repair tissue, sufficient nerve signals are essential, but we also need nutrients to repair tissue. Another option is to activate sleeping stem cells so they can migrate to the sites of inflammation and transform into the appropriate tissue. Stem cell injections are expensive, invasive and officially approved for only a few conditions.

In addition, they are not the body's own cells, which is somewhat counter to the concept of self-healing and self-regulation. The body's own stem cells can also be harvested, cultured, and injected into the site of symptomatology. However, this is a symptom-based approach, not a systemic one. Injection into the vein is also possible, but is equally complex and also costly.

However, there are some ways to activate the body's own stem cells on a natural basis. Since this is an autonomously controlled process, spinal treatment should be able to contribute something to this (although to my knowledge this has not been scientifically proven). Fasting is a possibility, but you have to completely give up calories for 1-2 days to elicit a relevant effect. Sports and deep sleep phases also increase the activity of stem cells, which is a major factor in the effect of regeneration.

However, there is also a biochemical way to stimulate the activity of stem cells and thus initiate regeneration from within. With patches that reflect the body's own light, enzymes can be activated, which in turn make the release of stem cells possible. These patches are available for various applications, but especially those that activate stem cells can have a significant effect on diseases of all kinds, either in isolation or in combination with spinal treatment.

The patches that activate stem cells are called: "X39" and “X49” and are available in our practice as well as in our online store:

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There are other patches which focus on: sleep, inflammation, energy, resilience, skin rejuvenation and more. The patches will be able to contribute something to recovery, but the effect is not always immediately noticeable and not the same for everyone. It is worth investing some time and patience if you want it to have a real effect. There is also a "money back guarantee" if you are dissatisfied.

Noticeable effects can include: Improved sleep, pain reduction, better athletic performance, better mental focus, more energy, and several more. Negative effects have not occurred in many years of use, because no drug/active ingredient is used, it is non-invasive, and "only" reflects the body's own light.

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