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Private Practice for reconstructive chirotherapy and regenerative medicine

To remove distortions/mechanical impairments (subluxations) in the spine and therefor reduce pressure on the central nervous system, manual medicine techniques in their various forms have been shown to be the most effective treatment option. Pain is one of the most common symptom that motivates to make an appointment, but pain reduction is only a byproduct of therapy. The key thing to understand is that manual spinal manipulation improves communication from the brain to peripheral tissues (all tissues) through the spinal cord and the nerve roots that leave the spine. This will lead to an impulse to regenerate tissue damage as humans are self-healing and self-regulating as all living things.

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Dr. Matthias Meier
Author, Orthopedic Surgeon/Physical & Rehabilitative Medicine in Ulm, specialized in reconstructive chirotherapy

Creating optimal conditions for physical healing

Our central (brain and spinal cord) and autonomic (sympathetic and parasympathetic) nervous system control and regulate all other processes in our body and its metabolism as well as regeneration of tissue. If this communication is reduced or restricted, the symptoms in the region of innervation can occur. Removing the cause with manual medicine techniques will result in improvements of this communication and thus improvements of symptoms, independent of diagnosis.

Holistic approach for holistic treatment

In my treatment, we get to the bottom of your pain and develop a therapy that targets the causes rather than targeting the symptoms. To achieve the best possible treatment outcome, my treatment strategy is guided by the following three key words:

1. Preventive
2. Effective
3. Innovative

Areas of focus



Pain is probably the most common reason for a visit to the orthopedist. It is important to understand why a certain pain occurs, what chain of events leads to this particular symptom occurring at this particular location.



Athletes are a special group here with special physical and mental requirements, which is why they must be mentioned in isolation.


Children and teenagers

Nowadays, children and adolescents suffer more and more frequently from complaints such as abdominal pain, asthma, joint pain, headaches, teeth grinding and much more. Often the cause of the complaints is not found, and it is recommended to take medication to reduce the symptoms. We try to find the cause and, if possible, eliminate it.


Unclear complaints

It is not uncommon for people to suffer from complaints that do not find a correlate in conventional medical diagnostics. If no abnormal findings can be found in the specialist diagnosis, but the complaints persist, then a holistic view can help to understand the problem and in the best case to solve it.

Manual Medicine

At impulse health management, I offer manual medicine that combines techniques from American osteopathy, chiropractic and German chirotherapy. In doing so, I aim to optimize the biomechanics of your spine, pelvis and extremity joints. Learn more about what you should know before your first visit.

Dr. med. D. M. Meier (D.O.)
Specialist in Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery, Specialist in Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Sports Medicine, Manual Medicine, Osteopathy, Pediatric Manual Medicine, Sports Osteopathy and Certified Team Physician for Competitive and Elite Sports

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